Advantages of the servo press

We are dedicated, creative and meticulous when confronted with the challenges of meeting our customers’ requirements. We develop solutions on the basis of our own concepts and visions. For our customers, we are not just supplier but also partner for the development of technologies.

Through our application of innovative servo technology, we set new standards in cold forming.

Since 2013, we have been applying a new cold forming press equipped with Schuler servo technology. This is a world debut in the area of cold forming: the first direct servo drive for multi-stage cold forming presses.

Thanks to the possibility of adjusting the speed in each servo press stage, advantages over conventional cold forming presses result.

Specifically, these are:

  • optimal forming action
  • reduced die wear
  • increased production rate.

With a die closing force of 500 t, the servo press has a total of six forming stages.